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The residents who leave our rest home are always welcomed to stay

When the elderlies leave our facility, they may not be physically there, but spiritually they will always be there. I believe that even though it is a rest home, it was their home for a part of their lives. They are a member of our family and they are welcome to stay as long as they like. 

Its like, when there is no one physically around, we can hear strange sounds, feelings or touches. We believe that they are letting us know that they dont like being invisible. Sometimes in their ex-room they knock, sometimes we can hear their voice, sometimes they slap as across the face (when staff nod off during night shift) and sometimes push the doors closed (or lock us in/out). They have a special place in my heart and I will always remember them. I really hope they are in a nice place up above and surrounded by their loved ones.

Dementia elderlies just dont know

The residents in my dementia rest home dont realize what they are doing. They dont understand their inappropriate behaviours. Just today, I got spat on from trying to stop a fight between two elderlies. I’ve learnt to accept that this is normal working here. Other staff told me if the residents knew what they were doing they would be disgusted in themselves. Most of the residents are lovely, its only when they cant express themselves appropriately they act out to release their frustration and confusion. One time an elderly female who was getting a blood test done, threw a shoe at one of our staff, another resident and the blood test lady. Luckily it missed all of them and now whenever the blood test lady comes, our staff says ‘duck’ and ‘be warn from flying shoes.’ I guess we just have to create jokes when working in a stressful environment. 

Amazing people

Some elderly have the most amazing lives, and if you are free, its nice to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea with them.

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Its just hard to see that they have dementia now and they forget their lives, family and friends. But even though their memories arent the sharpest, with a little prompting they can piece together the significant parts. i.e. It shows when they simile at the things they have accomplished. 

For anyone who has a friend or a family member living in a nursing home I seriously encourage you to visit that person as much as possible. I work with Alzheimer and Dementia residents, even though they seem out of it majority of the time, it brings a huge smile to my face when their friends/families come to visit them. It may not seem like it but those patients KNOW when their families come and don’t come to visit them. Their behaviors change dramatically…Please Please Please visit them…no person is promised a tomorrow..
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My grandpa doesn’t remember how to eat. When my dad and I bring him lunch at his skilled nursing unit, he picks up his fork and examines it curiously. He holds it up to his head, ready to rake it through what’s left of his wispy white hair. My grandfather is 93 years old, and lately he has morphed into Ariel from The Little Mermaid, not a trace of recognition registering on his face as he takes in the everyday items around him with childlike wonder. Look at this stuff. Isn’t it neat? He stacks the strawberries on his plate into a pyramid and howls like a rabid coyote when he hears a nearby phone ring. The napkin tucked into the collar of his shirt finds its way to his head, an impromptu hat for a man who’d rather play cards with his grilled cheese than eat his grilled cheese.
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